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Intermediary Disclosure

John Boucher Brokers CC is the holder of a category I Financial Services Provider Licence with Financial Services Provider number 3108.

John Boucher is an independent intermediary & earns an income from commission & fees that the Product Provider pays over to John Boucher Brokers CC on the products purchased by our clients & in turn, earns a salary.

John Boucher is the Key Individual & Sole Representative of the aforementioned financial services provider. He is an Independent Financial Advisor and has been in practice since 1990.  He has training & experience to advise our clients on short term insurance.

John Boucher Brokers CC does not own more than 10% of issued shares directly or indirectly of any Life Insurer or Financial Product Provider.  We are not an associated company of any Life Insurer or Product Provider.  We have earned more than 30% of our total commission from the insurers we have signed agreements with.

John Boucher Brokers CC holds Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of R 1.5 Million as required by the FAIS Act.